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Things to do after arriving at a new town

  • Published at 05:47 pm February 9th, 2019


[Response Poem to Ross Sutherland’s ‘Things To Do Before You Leave Town”]

Attempt to disseminate everything

you’ve ever wanted

and ever known.

Buy some groceries.

Get the wifi password

and rape the lock

to your new apartment.

Tell Steve you once loved him.

Throw away the graduation goggles,

return tickets,

fragments of the old song

stuck in your head.

Put out the word

that you are ready to let

the spare room

in the corner of your existence.

Do not feel guilty

about stolen library books.

Do not cry flipping through

pixilated memories.

Do not calculate the time difference

between your mind and your heart.

Borrow some sunshine

from the newborn plant

beside the window

and bottle it in your refrigerator.

Serve to guests in winter.

Come mid-day,

start carving your name

in the underbelly

of your office desk

with the pen-knife

of sharp ambition