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Mere Memory

  • Published at 05:50 pm February 9th, 2019
Mere Memory


Sometimes I will wonder 

How you are 

And in doing so 

Feel a pang of 

Starry regret 

Is it my fault, I think 

That what we had


Ashes -> ashes 

Dust -> dust 

Does the light still dance 

In your hair like it used to 

Does music still sound

When you laugh 

In those moments, 

I steel myself 

Pulling myself back 

From the well of memory 

Its waters are cool 

Its taste comforts 

Yet the more I swallow

It turns to ice 

Burning, cloying

Here there be demons 

Here there be monsters 

I pull away 

The well lies forgotten

Once more 

I'll think of you from 

Time to time  

Pain wells up 

Yet I smile 

Soon (I hope)

Pain will become 

Mere memory