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  • Published at 06:15 pm August 10th, 2018
Khadija Eve

A poem by Khadija Eve

(Translated by Md Mehedi Hasan)

The two boys who grabbed my left breast—

let them return to their mothers’ laps!

The seven who mauled me over the ground—

Let them, too, return to their sweethearts!

Let them take shelter in their women’s arms

Or maybe under the shade of some other woman

Just like me!

I’ve known all too well that this Bengal to them.

I’ve also known:

Bengal’s air has been thoroughly poisoned with their breath!

And there is no escaping that.

Those seven brave men whose hands left their imprint on my breasts—let them all get married and start families

Let their homes be lit with two glowing babies

That’s what I pray for them, I swear!

(Written after the poet, a Quota Reform movement activist, was groped and dragged to a police station by ruling party men)

Md Mehedi Hasan studies English Literature at Khulna University. His poems have been published in The Daily Star, The Daily Observer, The Independent, The Wagon Magazine (Chennai, India) and also in some other literary magazines