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On Prufrock’s imaginary girl friend

  • Published at 05:55 pm August 10th, 2018
Moniruzzaman Akhand

A poem by Moniruzzaman Akhand

Rolling a ball

Toward you

Taking a sip or two 

Leaning on a pillow

I shook my head 

And sigh

I can never be 

What you want me to


Music on the background 

A Beethoven 

And some giggles 

You have been stealing glances 

Missing few chances? 

No, you never did. 

The gazes have always 

enervated you, I knew, 

Lurking in your world

Moving through lanes 

And by-lanes 

And yet here I am 

with my tea and toast 

And the hanging time 

Like a ghost haunting me

(Or should I say you?)

Desperately searching for 

Words, appropriate moments, motions

And emotions!

Music on the background

A Beethoven 

And some giggles 

The perfume hangs heavy 

The cigar’s melody 

Whispers rise; the evening slides 

So does the moment 

Yet you fail to comment 

Each strike of the second 

Coils the tongue, eyes

Lose their color 

Oh no! 

I was wrong 

(That is what I was thinking)

Perhaps you were waiting? 

A sign, or an indication? 

A premonition! 

I laughed at the thought.

Music on the background 

A Beethoven 

And some giggles

Do I care? 

Do I care 

Even if I lose you

I was never meant to be here 

(in the first place)

Nor was I supposed to create this 


I only act by the script 

And take my leave, only to 

Re-live, re-act the same scene 

Until you crumple your self 

And throw the silence to 

The crisis 

And I fade onto your dream