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  • Published at 06:37 pm August 10th, 2018
Tamoha Siddiqui

A poem by Tamoha Siddiqui 

i have become your little lovesick chihuahua

over the span of a spring time romance

room to room I follow you;

the trail of your thoughts,

the turning of your heart,

and the gaze of your desires

at other bitches in heat

day by day I long for you;

lifting my fragile head

from a cushioned marriage

jerking at the slightest footstep

of a text or a searching look

in my feeble direction.

but you no longer come home

to pat my hair

or sort out my tangles.

you only take them in your fist

like a tight leash

when we make love

and the rhythm is only punctured

by the intermittent moans

of a dying feminist

Tamoha Siddiqui is a wanderer, wonderer, teacher, and poet. The motto of her personal blog is “I write, therefore, I am”.