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Dead end

  • Published at 08:37 pm April 18th, 2018
  • Last updated at 07:56 pm April 24th, 2018
Dead end
After twenty years, how could you forget me, forget the painting of the pumas dancing a quadrille on our bedroom wall, and the mica hanging from our ceiling? When you wouldn’t let me fiddle with the buttons of your suit that evening, I should have known the project deadline had passed, and you were headed for early retirement. I wanted to waltz but dozed off after a slice of your chocolate chip cheesecake, awoke to find the folded note beside my pillow and you were gone. Not until the funeral did I realize you stopped gazing at the ginger mole on my sun-burned face days before you sailed for Bermuda.
Sayeeda T Ahmad is a poet and nonfiction writer. Her debut poetry collection, Across Oceans, was published by Bengal Lights Books.