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The square

  • Published at 10:36 pm April 17th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:34 pm April 17th, 2018
The square
Shadowing hordes of inundated, Haggling towers to the ground, Peeking for piecemeal, Liberated of the bugle's sound. Entertaining drowsy unwashed steps, Corrugated, Still, One for the supine laid across its unextraordinary expanse watched by extraordinary men. Boots clapping at the stone, Fountains binding speech, Tremulous artists spill their Odes to joy at every interval Nailing The involuntary to testify. Lustre, Ruptured, Split, Shimmering, Fulgurating Bottled mirth. Red eyed, Bubbling. Infinitely malleable in our chains, Unquiet at the rocks of dawn. .......... Treasured by foreign lands Muted, molded by unyielding hands, The battalion of limbs yearns to shake the shackles.
Mahmood Sadaat Ruhul is a poet.