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A pair of jeans and T-shirt

  • Published at 06:13 pm March 13th, 2018
  • Last updated at 06:13 pm March 14th, 2018
A pair of jeans and T-shirt
How very scandalous! A pair of jeans and t-shirt. How very promiscuous! A pair of jeans and t-shirt. In a world where hungry eyes grope, feast, scratch Is it not your birthright to shrink and hide? Or do you actually like the attention…hmm? We watch and we talk Of her shameful womanhood protruding Like two prickly thistles. Her rounded buttocks rudely staring And pinching cheekily The cheeks of hujurs. Tsk tsk. No, we will not veil our scorn for one who does not choose to veil her tamarind chastity. No, we will not lower our gaze Unless she lowers her vulgar self-worth. What a slut! What a whore! What a frightful vision! A woman clad in a pair of jeans and T-shirt.
Tamoha Siddiqui is a wonderer, teacher and poet. The motto of her personal blog is “I write, therefore, I am.”