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On a vernal night

  • Published at 06:11 pm February 4th, 2018
  • Last updated at 10:33 pm February 5th, 2018
On a vernal night
(Translated from Bangla by Zaynul Abedin) When darkness has once again set in, My house is shrouded as if in bewitching enchantment of an evil spirit, And a delicate fragrance permeates everything around. I cannot make out who casts shadows everywhere. At the sacrificial altar of an intense longing Reign only prodigal blooms.   Through the window, I can see a veritable canopy of illusions outside, Where the mischievous fairies of spring flowers are dancing in their naked buds: I wish I could now write a remarkable song of the earth. I wish I could now imbibe the finest juice of the words.   But I spend all these nights dithering While dewdrops, as if consecrated with some mystic verse, keep dripping on my indolence. Then all on a sudden the summer storm shatters the pageantry of my heart. Who can rise above the limit of his place?   Whom do you find most adorable in the heat of your youthful passion but the unchaste? This is at least what we know. In the forest of our chest, the bleary-eyed, irritated cuckoos keep cooing; Lustfully blind as we are, we do not see That whatever we bring from heaven Often fails to strike a balance in the world.   Zaynul Abedin teaches English at the University of Dhaka.