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A moving coffin

  • Published at 11:21 pm July 6th, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:22 pm July 6th, 2017
A moving coffin
Never do you have a grip on birth Never do you have a grip on death You control neither beginning nor end Then are you Without beginning or end Without heels or head As vast as eternity An omnipresent seed just an infinite perception of illusory glory? Before every beginning is a beginning but no end after the end. There is only the shadow dervish of sentience There is only the illusory dervish of glory From motherwomb to earthwomb From earthwomb to waterwomb From waterwomb to firewomb From firewomb to airwomb From airwomb to voidwomb From voidwomb to agewomb From life To longevity Hereafter The immortality of life Without beginning or end, end or beginning Listen, O man, O perception, O glory You are born but you have no death Both man and the universe begin as a foetus; Not the union of the formed with the formless Nor of the formed with feeble form The union of form and form makes the formless Of formless and formless makes the form Waterless, earthless Fireless, airless Form meets form in covetous coupling Thereafter begins the breath of life In all creatures the cycle of life Before every beginning is a beginning but no end after the end Who slays whom? Whose knife is it? Which bullet or dagger? On earth or beyond Who is dead and who lives Zinda-murda, the living dead Who submits? Who orders? Whose coffin? Whose shoulders? Power-besotted blinded men King or subject, you must awaken If time’s bayonet Is pointed at your head from this time to another from this life to another from this body to another you are not your master borne by another you are merely a moving coffin (The translation was done as part of a Dhaka Translation Center Poetry workshop during last year's Dhaka Lit Fest)
Muhammad Nurul Huda is a poet, essayist and literary activist.