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My evolution through Ray’s creations

  • Published at 07:11 pm June 8th, 2017
My evolution through Ray’s creations
I remember when I was a kid I used to go to the Ekushey Book Fair every year with my father. I bought so many books that I alone could not carry them. The smell of new books always excited me; it still does. Feluda was the first character of Satyajit Ray that I was familiar with and that was through the fair. After returning home with the Feluda series in piles of books, I literally dived into the pages of Feluda Somogro and the next few days were for him. Gradually I became Feluda’s adventure mate along with Topshe and Jotayu in Gangtok, Rajasthan, the Himalayas, Lucknow and different alleys of Kolkata. Prof-Shonku0004 I used to enjoy the psychological fight between Mogonraj Meghlal and Feluda. Intense adventures, deep observations and dramatic ends of every story taught the little me to imagine. It seemed like every moment was happening right in front of me. The person behind these stories, who taught thousands of children to visualise stories, is Satyajit Ray. Not only Feluda, there also is Professor Shanku. I still enjoy my time reading Shankhu’s stories. Later, though I met Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, the basis of my imaginative mind was founded by Ray. Stories of Tarini Khuro haven’t given me any less. Every story has different angles but all of them gave me the same goose bumps whenever I read. These stories would make my day and night, as if I was in the audience with Napla and listening to the stories of Tarini Khuro.
The person behind these stories, who taught thousands of children to visualise stories, is Satyajit Ray.
Many of my peers and elders, I believe, still remember the days when Hirok Rajar Deshe and Bagha Bain Gupi Gain were telecast. I have lost count of how many times I’ve watched these wonderful comedy movies by Satyajit since my childhood. When I watched his Sonar Kella, a movie based on one of the Feluda stories, I was impressed that the movie’s setting matched perfectly with my own mental picture of the events that I formed while reading the book. index When I was in my teens, I became familiar with his other movies: Panther Pachali, Apur Songsar, Aparajito, Kanchenjangha etc. These movies have since been in my watch list. What attracted me most about Satyajit’s movies is his storytelling. It was as organised as his books. Besides, he composed his own music in the movies and excelled on this front, too. To sum up, Satyajit Ray was an institution from which I learned to see and think about life differently. Every creation he left for us has made my childhood colourful and to this day, whenever I get some free time, I go on an adventure ride with Feluda, or sit to listen Tarini Khuro, or roam freely about the imaginative land of Hirok Raja!
Kenny David Rema is a young writer, translator and script writer.