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Girl power!

Update : 06 Apr 2015, 03:42 PM

Shabash may be Bangladesh’s favourite super hero, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss today. Today’s all about the super cool Ms Shabash. Yes, you read that right! A female version who literally kicks scum to the curb. Born in an alternate universe to the same parents with the same mango powers, Ms Shabash was the perfect gift for International Women’s Day, brought to you by the fabulous people from Mighty Punch Studios.

Taking the same route with multiple stories that the Shabash comic books have been bringing us lately, this gem, released in March 2015 has two very entertaining parts that you’ll definitely want to read at one go before setting the book down. The first story sees Ms Shabash, a journalist by profession who just can’t catch a break, taking on Ms Porcha, the head of a skin-lightening cream company, mutated into a tentacled mess after overdosing on her own product. Expect hilarious jabs at the whitening industry. Did we mention there are zombies too?

The second story is a spin on the deshi, super moral “aunty brigade.” The name itself, “Attack of the Auntybots” guarantees a few chuckles. Following one of Professor Keramoti’s experiments that went awry, the angry fembots take the city by storm, trying to instill their narrow minded values on the youth.

But there’s more. The artwork on this baby is brilliant. The colours pop bright, but we already expected that from the creative minds of the team.

We don’t want to give away any more of the delightful stories this one off comic has in store. Writer, Samir Asran Rahman did mention that we may see more of the inspiring Ms Shabash in the future depending on the response it gets. We have our fingers crossed! Get your copy while it’s hot the next time you happen to be at your neighbourhood Pizza Hut or KFC. You can also find Ms Shabash at Meena Bazar, Dhaka Museum of Toys and Jamil’s Comics.

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