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“Devotees take selfie now”

Update : 05 Oct 2016, 05:31 PM
We all knelt at the altar with our gout and obese belly,pillow shaped behinds and plastic chest pointing north,and the priest hailing over the map of Cassiopeia, recalledthe big bang that birthed nirvana, the ceiling openedto a sky with punctured wounds and a carcass of a meltingstar harked infamy.We waited for the time capsule that held god inside,and was proud that finally we have learned what itmeans to have faith and we fixed our barbed tiarasand brushed our beard straight, both out and within,waiting for the holy man to unveil the secret kept underhis laundered rob and hell defiant incense.And the moment was here at last.Although the hammer had shattered to pieces a manytimes before, we have finally learned the secret codethat is needed to unravel the huddling deity inside thiscapsule of the past. In 21st century, gods are supposed toknow a thing or two according to social media. No doubt, thetime is right for it to descend and prove its existence.Thus, it happened, finally.The priest raised his hand and bellowed in revelation.And we all switched our phones on to check the post ongod's ascendance.There he was, inside a frozen block of stone, a toothpick and aset of false teeth, the entombed promise land had carriedits father home, to its people, at the end of days.
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