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Armature photographers express patriotism

Update : 30 Apr 2013, 08:47 AM

“Beauty of Motherland,” a group photography exhibition at the Drik Gallery presents the exquisiteness of the nature of Bangladesh.

The four-day long exhibition was launched on Friday and will continue until 8pm today.

The exhibition displays 70 photographs by 70 amateur photographers, who depict the eccentric natural beauty of Bangladesh through their lenses. The photographs illustrate the enormity of the rivers and lakes, distinctions of mountains, exotic wildlife and greeneries. Historical and cultural heritage sites such as Lalbag fort, Ahsan Monjil, Putia Raj Bari, Moynamoti and Paharpur have been portrayed in the photographs in such angels that make the locations irresistible to visit. The photographs speak of delightful expressions, diverse lifestyle and landscapes of the serene natural beauty of Bangladesh.

The photographs are output of a competition organised by Rong.

“Kaptai Lake” by Ayon Ahmed, “Tara Bhora Ratey” by Rahat Khan, “Boga Lake” by Pinu Rahman, “Life and Livelihood” by Umme Shaira Rahman, “The Lonely Walker” by Abdullah Al Mamun Suman received the Judge’s Choice Award at the event. The photographs prove the involvement of the young photographers with landscape photography. Their intimacy with nature has enabled them to capture its inner spirit that makes the photographs sublime and magnificent. “The photographs are making me to pack the bag and rush to the wild and get indulged into the natural beauty of my country,” said an enthusiastic viewer to Dhaka Tribune.

Founder member of Rong, Shahed Hussain told the Dhaka Tribune: “We have attempted to explore the splendor of our land through the eyes of young, promising and enthusiastic photographers. The exhibition showcases the positive aspects of Bangladesh to attract the locals and foreigners alike for exploring the beauty of golden Bengal. Rong is delighted to present this exhibition for the photo lovers of our country.”

Prominent photographers Shoeb Faruquee and Abir Abdullah inaugurated the programme jointly to inspire the participants. 

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