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The story of BetterStories

Update : 02 Jan 2016, 11:39 AM

“I want to put Bangladesh on the world map by inspiring technology led social innovation, and make this nation fall under the limelight,” said Minhaz Anwar determinedly, as he addressed his fellow Story Tellers at the BetterStories Limited office in Gulshan. The team agreed with the founder’s words, for their own visions were coherent with the organisation they worked so hard for and gave their greatest efforts. Efforts they made for BetterStories Limited, transforming it into one of the most successful consulting startup companies in Bangladesh today.

Their activities began in 2008 as BetterStories Limited which was brought forth by Minhaz Anwar as an idea agency based in Dhaka that provided a range of prior and post incubation services aimed at fostering socially responsible and innovation-driven entrepreneurship in different areas. Essentially a consultancy firm, the company has evolved their identity into a premium future building agency that works in the areas of information technology, strategic consultation and entrepreneurial ecosystem building. “We can do everything. Tell us and we can get it done,” said Muhaimin Mohammad Khan, Chief Operating Officer of BetterStories.

With regard to information technology, the firm provides customised software solutions, and process management. Consultancy services include strategic, media communication and business development consultation. On the other hand, they are also specialised in startup consultation, competitions and nationwide summits and expos to build entrepreneurial ecosystems.

However, not all of these services are essentially revenue generators. Although a for-profit company by registration, it prioritizes the needs of the country and therefore often provides pro-bono services that are of extremely high importance to the nation. “We don’t make money through consulting with startups. It’s actually an investment for the future. As far as startups are concerned, hard work and uncharted hours are essential components, which BetterStories Limited has made into one of their core competencies. “We are dynamic, and play to our advantage. We had the experience, management and network as our strength,” he added.

Authenticity and trust are often developed through previous achievements with renowned entities, on which the consultancy has many stories to tell. To share a few, BetterStories Limited carried out the “Padma Shetu” media communications for the Government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Bridge Authority. They organised the “Digital World 2015” for BASIS, where 450,000 people attended the event which went on for four days. The “BPO Summit Bangladesh 2015” for BACCO was delivered efficiently, with an attendance of over 10,000 in just two days. The firm even orchestrated the “National Hackathon 2014” strategy for the ICT Division and the Government of Bangladesh, which was later considered as the largest Hackathon in the world with 1,700 people. Their acceleration programs even include the Founder Institute and Bangladesh Start-Up Lab.

Their numbers escalate further, for in a span of just six years, BetterStories Limited has over 80 clients in more than 10 countries. When asked about how they achieved such a feat, the team replied, “We sold our knowledge. Through ethical means, Through our experience, we have established ourselves in the market, one in which it is hard to make money.”

But that seems to be just the beginning.

With an outlook towards the future, BetterStories Limited aims to build even stronger partnerships, build a team of over a 100 Story Tellers and, pin a revenue expectation of over Tk10 crore on their 2021 calender. Moreover, they wish to develop their operations to gain the title of “best incubator” in Dhaka, positioning the firm as the first choice when it comes to consultancy services and startups.

With shared service advisory, governance and risk assessment and total cost optimisation services added to their portfolio, the company has hefty targets, but with a calm and capable team leading it. Like any well-oiled machine, BetterStories Limited has created internal harmony and fiery motivation through empowering their own to prioritise their personal aims and integrating it into their organisational objectives.

“I want to give something back to the society and be proud of the fact that we have achieved something meaningful together. I don’t know when the opportunity will present itself, but I would like to travel and see some of the iconic monuments our world has to offer,” said Tasrif Jafar Siddique, Story Teller. Erad Kawsar, another Teller, added, “I feel the people and the resources here are very important. The team chemistry at BetterStories Limited is fascinating. Our work is like a baton and we pass it on to the next person who will run another mile and then pass it on to another person.”

Every member is asked about what their personal goals are and how they believe BetterStories Limited shall help them achieve it. “At the end of the day, the resources, the people, they are the most important factors in goal achievement,” said Minhaz Anwar.

BetterStories Limited may not be unique in their operations, but seemingly one-of-a-kind on how they achieve their objectives. They continue their intent in looking forward to greater opportunities, stronger relationships, heightened success, but most importantly, better stories to tell.

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