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Salami: A heartfelt expression of affection on Eid

Many now choose mobile banking for giving eidi, but the joy of receiving salami money in hand is unparalleled

Update : 16 Apr 2024, 07:14 PM

Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha, the two primary holidays in Islam, are bearers of immense joy and happiness. In addition to new attire, flavoursome food and outings, the tradition of giving eidi or salami—where older relatives gift cash to children and family members—adds to the festive delight of Eid. Though not obligatory, salami has evolved into a cherished aspect of Eid, serving as a heartfelt expression of affection.

A customary guideline dictates that salami money should be presented in crisp, fresh banknotes, leading many to collect them ahead of Eid.

However, akin to various facets of our lives, technological progress has influenced the way eidi is given, with people increasingly resorting to mobile banking to partake in this tradition.

Typically, eidi distribution starts after the prayer on the morning of Eid day. Youngsters eagerly gather salami from their elders at home. Additionally, it is customary in villages to exchange greetings with neighbours while collecting salami going from house to house.

A sense of competition arises among children, vying for the amount they receive as eidi. The feeling of victory intensifies as the sum surges, though not solely for the financial gain but for the sacred jubilation of Eid it represents.

There is also a playful rivalry among the young ones when it comes to splurging their salami money at various stores. Meanwhile, many opt to safeguard their fresh banknotes instead.

In the past, people only received eidi from those they met on Eid day, but mobile banking has transformed this tradition. Now, friends and families can exchange eidi from distant corners of the country. Even colleagues participate in this gesture of camaraderie. It has become such an entrenched part of our lives that people begin sharing posts about eidi on social media well before Eid arrives.

Despite the transformations this tradition undergoes, the joy of receiving salami money in hand remains unparalleled by the convenience of mobile banking. The aroma of fresh banknotes enhances the experience, a sensory delight that mobile banking, despite technological advancements, cannot recreate.

There is also a joy in visiting homes to collect salami. Can the same sentiment be felt when receiving eidi through a phone? The response varies from person to person. However, it is undeniable that exchanging salami on Eid day serves as a heartfelt expression of love.

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