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‘My Eid will begin when I can hold my daughter again’

Living apart from family is very hard. Don’t know if we will celebrate this Eid together, but living under the same roof with family members is Eid

Update : 16 Apr 2024, 07:09 PM

Sanjana Zaman Islam stood in front of Dhaka Airport, bidding farewell to her family members with teary eyes. She was heading toward her European dreams but felt more upset than ever.

She held her air ticket, visa, and passport in her hand. It was supposed to be her day, but deep down inside, something troubled her.

Upon boarding the plane, she became emotional and shed tears upon seeing a child onboard. She was experiencing some sort of guilt, causing her much pain.

How could she be happy? She had to leave behind the light of her life, her only child, due to visa difficulties at the last moment.

“My only daughter, Ava, and I were so happy as we thought this time we would celebrate our Eid with her Baba in Europe where he has resided for the past three years. Our last Eid with Shishir (her husband) was in 2021 when Ava was five, after which he left Bangladesh,” Sanjana reminisced.

Their hopes for a family reunion were fueled by Sanjana’s acceptance to a European university and a teaching assistant position. However, the eagerly awaited embassy’s call for visa interviews brought unexpected disappointment. Despite years of anticipation, only Sanjana received the visa, leaving her with no choice but to embark on her journey alone.

“We were just waiting for our visa arrival, but at the very last moment, only I got the visa. Since I had to start my job and enrol in the university on schedule, I had no choice but to go there alone. Sometimes it is difficult to predict reality,” she said.

“I was boarding the plane very upset. As a parent, I felt stressed despite having many people looking after our child. There was also some uncertainty about getting the visa. However, with the Lord’s blessings, my daughter’s visa came one month later. After my arrival, my husband went to Bangladesh to bring her here,” Sanjana added.

“Currently, father and daughter are roaming around her Dadu and Chachu’s home. We will probably miss the chance to celebrate this Eid together, or they will be on a plane on Eid day, depending on the moon sighting. However, my Eid will begin when I see my daughter and hold her again,” she further said.

Sanjana’s husband, Shishir Islam, said: “Living apart from family is very hard. After struggling for three years, finally, we are going to live together again. I don’t know if we will celebrate this Eid together, but living under the same roof with family members is Eid. Ava is eagerly awaiting to see her mother. We are planning for a Paris tour with everyone.”

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