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Introducing a collection of cherished and timeless recipes for this Eid

A delightful dessert that perfectly complements any Eid celebration, no matter your preference for sweets

Update : 16 Apr 2024, 06:58 PM

These are a few meals that many Muslim households feel are integral during any Eid celebration—the opportunity to recreate beloved traditional family favourites is just around the corner.

Pea pulao is an absolute must-have and a perennial favourite during Eid, regardless of the protein-heavy nature of meat recipes.

Here are the steps to make pea pulao

Heat up some ghee in a pan. Add the garam masala and Indian bay leaves. Sauté the onions until they turn brown. Include the ginger garlic mix paste.

You have a few options for rice: basmati, chini gura, or black jeera rice. Season with salt to your liking. Prior to frying the ingredients, it’s best to add just a bit of water to help them get started. Drain the rice. Once all the ingredients have been fried, add the rice and continue frying until it’s done. After frying, pour in the necessary amount of boiling water for the rice. Once the bubbles start to pop, just cover the pot with a lid and keep an eye on the rice. After a third of the bubbles have stopped popping, it’s time to add the peas. Adding 100g of peas for every kilogramme of rice is a great way to enhance the flavour and nutritional value of your dish. Add a final touch of fried onions during the cooking process, ensuring the dish is covered and cooked over low to medium heat.

Next up, we’ll be diving into a classic Eid protein dish: A succulent roast chicken

It is important to thoroughly wash the entire chicken.  Allow the chicken to marinate in a combination of yoghurt and garlic-ginger paste for thirty minutes. Using a non-stick skillet, Cook the chicken in hot oil over medium heat until the skin turns light brown in colour. Add two tablespoons of onion paste, one tablespoon of garam masala paste, and 1 tablespoon of garlic-ginger paste in a separate round-bottomed cooking pot.

Continue frying until the ingredients are well blended, then add water.  Once the ingredients have been cooked in tangy yoghurt, simply incorporate the chicken into the mixture. After completing the previous step, carefully pour boiling water into the pot until the chicken is partially submerged, about one third of the way. After 15 minutes, flip the chicken and test for doneness by tasting  it for salt.  Add half a teaspoon of  spice hill mace.  Once it is boiled, you can add six or seven green chilies and half a teaspoon of sugar to finish. 

To round off your meal, Doodh shemai, also known as sweet vermicelli pudding

A delightful dessert that perfectly complements any Eid celebration, no matter your preference for sweets.

Whisk the milk until it reaches a thick consistency, then add a touch of cinnamon, Indian bay leaves, cardamom, and sugar to your liking.  Cook the shemai (vermicelli) in a separate skillet until it becomes tender. Next, add double the amount of milk compared to the vermicelli. Once the milk has thickened, you can go ahead and add the vermicelli. Cook the vermicelli   in milk until it reaches the boiling point. Lastly, sprinkle the saffron and walnuts on top for a beautiful garnish.

Now we come to the hot condiment that goes with your chicken and polao, chilli mash, often known as morich makha

In a sauté pan, combine six dried chilies, five or six onions, salt to taste, mustard oil, coriander, mix, add a squeeze of lime for some tang on your tongue.  Season with salt  and serve as a condiment with any of your savoury Eid treats.

Incorporate watermelon juice into your sweltering April Eid festivities

Peel the skin off the watermelon, cut it into cubes, remove the seeds, throw it all into the juicer, thin it out with water and ice if it’s too thick, and serve! That’s it. It’s the easiest recipe ever, and will cool you off in seconds.

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