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A man’s guide to wrist watches

  • Published at 04:35 pm February 12th, 2019
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It’s time to learn about straps

Let it be a party, a business meeting or something casual – wristwatches are on the of the must have commodities for its gesture of class and boldness. Wearing a well-polished wrist watch ensures the gaze of peers and acquaintances alike, along with some quirky compliments. In order to look appealing at any social gathering, wristwatches have been modified and re-engineered in order to stand out. Although putting on wrist watches has been prevalent for men in Bangladesh, the need to change and keeping up with the fashion trend has not. To keep up with the upcoming trends in Bangladesh, which is none other than the beginning of spring season, here are some wristwatches to keep men updated on their fashion:

A Leather straps

Leather strap provides a sense of comfort, with familiarity for attending any sharp casual or casual events and gatherings. It provides an outlook of flexibility yet luxurious. Furthermore, it can be worn daily with ease. The colour pattern predominantly depends on other leather goods on the person – perhaps a belt or shoes. Black being the obvious choice for most, lighter colours are also recommended. To be flawless, the range of shade should match the occasion – the formal the occasion, the darker it should be. The price range varies to an extent of leather quality and finesse, that is, the finer the leather, the more expensive it is.

Rubber straps

Mostly favoured by younger wearers, it imparts a modern look and sporty finish for simplistic expectations. Generally linked with being affordable, rubber straps portray the ease of use and durability for men who go for workout sessions or any other physical exercises. Due to its anatomy, the rubber strap does not engulf with hefty odours of sweat and leather. On the onset, it can be put on with ease at any casual gatherings.

Stainless steel 

Intrinsically not recognized as straps, these watches empower and reflect an ergonomic look with a handsome gist of poshness. Steel wristwatches showcase versatility as well as durability. These wristwatches resemble the corporate and extravagant outlook of their wearers. Steel watches are approved mostly by grown-ups who wish to pertain a robust characteristic. Black colour contrasts quite well with monochrome, giving it a simple yet sophisticated visual. Regarding price, these watches are subjected to take a chunk out of your earnings – but keep in mind, the chic attained is worth the cost. 

Wristwatches represent an immense visual outlook of oneself as well as a person’s fashion sense. The style of it can be interchanged to favour any moment and position. In addition to poise attire, wristwatches provide a sartorial elegance in men’s fashion. Hence, the importance to acquire the flawless watch should be given much priority. As Miuccia Prada once said – "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language."