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Bouquet on wheels

  • Published at 05:47 pm December 24th, 2018

The ultimate cheat-sheet to decorating you wedding car

Decorating the car that the bride and groom go home in, is a delicacy as old as time - which makes it essential for your wedding-mobile to stand apart. There are two ways to go about it. You either go with the pioneers of the business or the rising stars. 

Either ways, there are three mega packages readily available all over the city.

If you choose to go traditional and desi, and doll the car up with ‘Rajanigandhas’, the shopkeepers might try to swindle you out of approximately Tk5,000, at max. But, if you end up ball-parking it around Tk3,000 to Tk4,000, then my fair couple, you will emerge victorious!

The second package is all about spicing it up. Anything imported, always costs more. The case is no different when it comes to decorating your wedding car. This is the quintessential package because it canopies the best of both worlds. This package will have your car clad in flowers foreign to your homeland coupled with the occasional marigold. The vendors might ask for up to Tk8,000 for this package - considering that flower trade is hugely weather dependent and that the flowers get here on a plane. Nevertheless, under no circumstance should you be willing to pay more than Tk6,500 for this esteemed service. 

The third package is class redefined, these flowers will be flown in all the way from China and Holland. Your wedding mobile will be graced with international royalty. This service entails decorating your entire car with foreign flowers. We can always mix-it-up, but if you end up choosing flowers that are not from your homeland, shops around the city would ask for up to Tk15,000. 

If you stand your ground, and manage to get what you want under Tk10,000, you will have won the bet!

Selecting flowers of preference and informing ahead is also a vital part of decorating that dream wedding car. 

The shops essentially need to be informed three to four days prior to the day you decide to decorate your car. This saves time, and helps them deliver their finest flowers and craftsmanship. The flowers need to be cut accordingly, kept fresh and put into water soaking foams before they put them on your car. 

A three day notice helps them get started ahead of time and be prepared for your car once it comes in. Pioneering shops like Pushponir, Dhaka Rosarium, shops in Shahbagh and Bananiall sell local and foreign flowers.

You are good to go as long as you do not exceed our price range! If you can manage to go lower, you are a super couple!