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Cantonese you can’t resist

  • Published at 03:00 pm July 12th, 2018
Mahmood Hossain Opu

This high-end restaurant offers a dining experience to remember

Located in Dhanmondi, Chopsticks is a high-end restaurant that is dedicated to serving the very best of Cantonese cuisine Dhaka has to offer. The theme is based on a fusion of traditional and contemporary Chinese designs – the restaurant includes multi-purpose private dining rooms and lounges and the main dining area can accommodate up to 50 people, having double height ceilings and an excellent décor that allows natural light to shine through. 

The restaurant offers authentic Cantonese cuisine with a modern flair. Their award-winning chefs are true culinary artisans who are passionate about taking traditional Chinese dishes to the next level. Each dish is exquisitely designed to offer a delectable fusion of old world flavour with a contemporary twist. 

The atmosphere of Chopsticks is, to say the least, welcoming and magnificent. A delightful marriage of antique art and modern designs gives the restaurant a unique and elegant outlook. Coupled with elegant lighting, the interior of the restaurant is one which will leave you utterly relaxed. Their exquisite menu contains a plethora of authentic Cantonese dishes, along with dozens of classic variations. The noodles are made by the chefs every day to ensure that the customers get that authentic kick to all their food. 

For lunch, Chopsticks offers a wide array of dim sum that you can choose from. You can go for the classic chicken dumpling, the chicken and prawn sui mai, the prawn spinach roll and many more. If you want to go vegan, the spicy vegetable dumpling or the sweet corn vegetable dumpling might just be right for you. The lunch menu also offers side dishes including the crispy spring rolls as well as the prawn toast. 

You should definitely try out their Prawn Har Gow – a traditional Cantonese dish comprising of steamed crystal prawn dumplings. The chefs at Chopsticks make sure that the prawn is cooked well but not overcooked.  You can take the chicken wonton as your appetizer – which are cheesy sausage based filling in cups made from baked wonton wrappers. This usually takes nearly two days to prepare and needs to be stored in the refrigerator and assembled shortly before serving. We also ordered the Chopsticks mushroom salad. The cool refreshing salad is made with wood ear mushrooms and cucumbers in sesame oil, along with black vinegar dressing.

For dinner, you can order the Ho Fun noodles, which come with beef, chicken or vegetables. Dry sautéed beef with Ho Fun is a very typical Cantonese recipe. Ho Fun are broad rice noodles that today in Pinyin, are called 'Mi Fun'. The origin of this dish was at a restaurant in Guangzhou in 1938. That was the time when the Sino-Japan War was in full swing and the city was under control of the Japanese Army. The chef did not have the most important thickener for the sauce at that time, so he created a new recipe for this dish. His resulting creation was a shiny, mouth-watering and fragrant dish sautéed without any brown sauce. It came out very well and beef with to. Fun became an instant hit. The dish is now considered an essential part of the Cantonese cuisine. 

However, if you're not too fond of beef, you can try the Cantonese five-spice roasted duck – which consists of a glazed roasted duck marinated in soy sauce, Hoisin sauce and Chinese five spice powder. For dessert, we had the delicious Chocolate Bao – these are Chinese styled custard buns with molten chocolate filling, and they certainly stole the show!

You can also enjoy their mocktail menu where Chopsticks features the Ming Mary, which is their take on the Virgin Mary, using only Chinese ingredients. The menu also offers the Beijing Black, which is a blend of raspberries, orange, cinnamon and lime. We had the Frosty Goa Lemon, which was a refreshing combination of mint, ice, vanilla ice-cream and lemon juice. 

Chopsticks sources the most fresh local ingredients and also directly imports special ingredients from China to bring you the ultimate dining experience. So if you're willing to try out a number of dishes that with an authentic taste, this restaurant is definitely the right place for you.