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Guilt-free glam

  • Published at 06:16 pm June 11th, 2018

All the beauty, none of the stress

From crushed beetles to gold serum, beauty has come a long way. Makeup mavens around the world now expect more from their cosmetics – not only does it have to look and smell good, it has to be free of harmful chemicals, and be eco-friendly and cruelty-free. So when the beauty genies blessed us with halal makeup, we all said a heartfelt “Ameen”. In this article, we take a microscope to the halal beauty business with Symon Imran Hyder, Chairman of Symon AnMi, the official business partner of Wardah Halal Cosmetics in Bangladesh.

“Halal cosmetics ranges are produced with ingredients that are not associated with pork, dog, or alcohol. ‘Halal’ also stresses the significance of a holistic lifestyle.So the concept of what constitutes a product as halal or ‘haram’, goes beyond the ingredients used and includes the packaging, manufacturing, and the distribution methods, as well as adhering to Islamic codes of ethics,” explains Hyder.

It doesn’t end here. Hyder continues, “Other requirements suggest that halal beauty products must be handled with clean utensils and produced with materials that are not harmful to humans.”

In other words, halal cosmetic products are good for you, regardless of your faith. No form of cruelty on animals for experimentation or for trials during the research or manufacturing process, as is highlighted by organizations like PETA, is allowed.

There is also a specific reason for Muslim women to choose halal cosmetics, and that is the completion of ablution before performing compulsory prayers. Halal nail polishes are “breathable”, meaning permeable to water, which allows contact of water with the nails when wearing them. So now you can pray regularly and rock your mani.

Wardah Halal Cosmetics, the Indonesian cosmetic giant, is currently the only halal cosmetic brand officially available in Bangladesh.

We looked up online to find out what the beauty gurus on social media have to say  about Wardah, and overall, the verdict has been positive. One thing that Wardah highlights and is seen in the tutorials and reviews by prominent Asian beauty gurus like Aisha Liyana while reviewing the Exclusive Liquid Foundation by Wardah, is that the products are specifically suited to Asian skin tones, unlike many European and North American cosmetic brands.

Like every person, every brand carries a personality, too. And the personality is developed by the women who use the particular brand. It is not an exception in the case of Wardah. So, what makes a Wardah woman? According to the brand itself, it is that woman for whom the inner beauty and accomplishments as a woman matter as much as how she looks outside, because it is a combination of these three that develop the perceived personality as a woman.

Symon Imran Hyder adds to it, “Wardah believes modesty isn’t how you hide your beauty, it’s how you handle it. True beauty of a woman is being able to benefit people and the society through the exposition of their inner creativity and utmost level of work, approach and dedication, and not by their external beauty. Thus a person has this gesture in the life, inspired by the Wardah philosophy, is a Wardah woman.”

Perhaps this is the reason why the brand relates with celebrated Muslim beauty influencers like Raline Shah and Natasha Rizki among others.

“Most of the cosmetic products in Bangladesh come via unauthorized means and a large portion is substandard, less shelf life oriented, defective and even copied. So, if awareness can be raised here about the use of safe and ethically made cosmetics, and about purchasing products of authentic brands, the possibilities are phenomenal,” says Hyder.

It is to be noted that the global halal cosmetics market is growing at a steady pace. Grand View Research reports that the halal cosmetics market was valued at $ 16.32 billion in 2015, and is expected to grow to $ 52.02 billion by 2025. In the US, too, the demand is rising.

Wardah in Bangladesh targets the health- and beauty-conscious higher middle class and middle class segments. Being an international brand whose products are price-competitive, the market potential is huge. Whether you want to go for halal cosmetics, is your decision. But we say that it’s worth a go.

According to Hyder, the best-selling products of Wardah so far in Bangladesh are lipsticks, skin-care, products, and perfumes.

Talking about what’s trending this Eid, Hyder says, “Wardah is exclusive for daily makeup, so we always emphasize on colour. Hence, we are introducing a wider range of lipstick shades this Eid.”