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6 questions with Esha Rushdi

  • Published at 05:12 pm June 11th, 2018

Working in the beauty industry is not a walk in the park

Esha Rushdi is an entrepreneur – owner of The Powder Room and Cape Town, a modest clothing line. Located in Gulshan, the Powder Room is not just a regular beauty salon – it offers various other services such as permanent hair removal, lash lifting, microdermabrasion facial and so on. Recently, Esha sat down with Avenue t to discuss the challenging aspects of being a salon owner. 

Tell us a little about yourself first, and then the idea behind Powder Room. What inspired you to work in the beauty industry?

I studied Media and Communication from Independent University, Bangladesh. Married since 2010, I'm currently involved in my salon venture and the Cape Town, besides being a mother to my four-year-old little boy. 

I’ve always believed in the saying that “if you look good, you'll feel good.” I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way – all we have to do is enhance it. I’ve always been a beauty enthusiast and loved trying new treatments and ideas in the beauty industry.

I personally try and give 100 percent attention to each and every client of mine. There’s so much we can do to look the best version of ourselves and that was the main idea behind my salon.

From concept to execution, how long did it take to set up your business and tell us about any obstacles and how you got around them?

I always had the concept but didn’t know how to execute it, as I needed a good team of girls who would understand my vision. Fortunately, my sister introduced me to a team of salon workers who were exactly what I needed. By the grace of Almighty and because of my husband’s support, I didn’t have to face any other obstacle.

What would your advice to beauty entrepreneurs be? 

Working in the beauty industry is a very big challenge. People put their trust in us for how they want to look and that, I feel, is a very sensitive issue. From my own experience, I would advise everyone to try and know the pulse of every client in order to make them look how they want to – not how we think they should look like. In this industry, customers are always right and that should be the only approach. 

In most retail business plans, there is a discussion of location. So what made you choose the location for Powder Room?

When choosing a location, my priorities were a lane that’s free from traffic and can be located easily, along with good parking facilities.

Is it enough to have high technical skills, and a clean modern salon image to make it today in salon business?

The beauty industry is a rapidly growing industry. Nothing is ever enough. Of course cleanliness and skilled staff are the key factors to run a salon but we need to keep up with the trend and offer as many services as we can. 

How important is it to have a business plan or defined vision for your business?

I’ve always been a person who knows what she wants. Having a clear vision is very important for any business. When I had the opportunity to launch my own salon, I clearly knew how I’d run it and I somehow knew no one other than me could do it better. That was only because I knew what I wanted and had a very clear vision of what exactly is the demand of this industry which would help me in the long run. 

And as I've said earlier, one must know the pulse of their customer base so that they know what they are offering, and whether it is actually in demand in the industry. Otherwise if we have the wrong products or services, the business would never take off.