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Sajek: The answer to the search for serenity

  • Published at 04:08 pm June 4th, 2018

Sajek, located amidst the lush hills and hillocks of the Kasalong range in the Rangamati District never fails to mesmerize its visitors with its ardent, exotic natural magnificence. Regardless of the turning of seasons, the lofty peaks, dense forests, sprawling grasslands and miles and miles of hilly tracks, it invites one to gaze and indulge in its spectacular grandeur.The bluish hues of the nearby River Mayni and River Kasalong harmonize with the green tones of the peaks. As the ‘Chander Gari’- a local jeep makes its way by slashing the silvery flocks of clouds on the hilly track to the valley, one could possibly touch and be on cloud nine. 

Two of the main sightseeing places around here are the Ruilui Village and the Konglak Village. The Ruilui Village being the last point of the road touching the borderline is strictly controlled by the Bangladesh Army. In the dawn and the dusk, one can easily grasp a serene view of the mountains in the heart of Mizoram State that falls on the other side of the border from Ruilui village. The Konglak village – the highest peak of the mountain Sippu is about 1800 feet from the sea-level, from where one is able get a 360 view of the whole Sajek and its surroundings.

Sajek may only be a tourist attraction for us but it is also a place for living for so many people who mostly belong to the ethnic minorities. So, while travelling, we have to have an open mindset regarding the diverse land, its people and their cultures and have to be aware of not hampering the inhabitants’ daily lives.