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Tap that talent

  • Published at 04:16 pm May 31st, 2018
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4 ways to get more creative

Ramadan is often associated with fatigue, and yes, the combination of fasting, the lack of sleep, and the extra prayers can leave one exhausted and feeling uninspired. However, believe it or not, this could also be a great time to discover a well of creativity within yourself.  Here are five ways to tap into that windfall, not just during the holy month, but for always.

Make some art

You don’t necessarily have to have any previous training in this to get into it. Grab some crayons and do some mindful colouring. Doodle while you’re sitting in a meeting (contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that this actually helps with memory retention). Pick up a pencil and try and sketch something you have in front of you. Art has been shown, time and time again, to play a huge role in neurological development, which means the more you practice, not only do you get better at the thing you’re practicing, but also develop other skills you weren’t expecting – and protect you from cognitive degeneration further down the line.

Move it, move it

While teen movies will have you believing in the “dumb jock” stereotypes, science says sports and physical activities can actually help you get smarter. Exercise sends more blood and oxygen to your brain, making you more creative, as well as healthier. Even if you’re fasting, light to moderate exercise right before iftar is perfectly fine, and will keep you fit throughout the month.

Log out

Instead of over-stimulating your brain with those triggering social media messages, give those synapses a break and blank out. Whether you’re regular with your namaz or into yoga and meditation, taking a few hours to clear your mind out of all distractions can actually give it room to stretch and get creative. This might be boring, but it’s that very boredom that your system needs.


Remember being a child, and how during games, the floor would turn into crocodile-infested waters one minute, and lava the next? As we grow older and start taking ourselves too seriously, imagination takes a back seat. The solution, therefore, is a simple one. Whether you’re counting the minutes to iftar, or killing some time before tarawih, do something silly, something fun. Engage in some improv, think like a child. Give your imagination free reign, and let it take care of the rest.