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Private eye

  • Published at 06:11 pm April 13th, 2018

Changing gears from last month’s challenge, this month the Cartoon Peoples team selected the “Banglar Goyenda” (Detectives of Bengal) theme. For those just tuning in, the Deshi Character Design Challenge (DCDC) is Cartoon Peoples’ monthly challenge to inspire homegrown artists to create original characters with a local flavour. Presiding over the results this time around was Cartoon Peoples founder Syed Rashad Imam The judge, and the challenge was sponsored by Multimedia Kingdom, which provided a brand-new graphic tablet for the winner. The first place this time, chosen by popular vote went to Mahatab Rashid, for his incredible fan art of Satyajit Ray’s iconic detective Feluda. The detailed picture depicts an aged Feluda coming out of retirement for one last case.   The next three winners were chosen by The judge. Second place went to MG Tamzeed for his portrayal of Shamaresh Majumder’s Arjun. Third place went to Ramisa (Possd Saga) for an original character, a retired detective Asad who still keeps up with the news. Ayman Awsaf bagged fourth place with what was the judge’s personal favourite – the futuristic crime-fighting duo of crime-reporter Anannya and her ex-military partner Boishakhee. As always, the outpouring of entries was testament to the fact that there is a thriving talent pool in the country just waiting to be discovered. The judge had the difficult choice of picking the winner, and although the Cartoon Peoples team were mildly surprised not to find any Tin Goenda and Pagla Dashu fan art, the original characters were very entertaining. For more design challenges, check out the Cartoon Peoples Facebook page