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Boishakh prep made easy

  • Published at 05:26 pm April 10th, 2018
Boishakh prep made easy
Farzan Mitu is an entrepreneur (owner of NV Cosmetics, an online platform selling skincare and beauty products) and a certified makeup artist. She is also working as a leading skincare specialist at ACI Limited. Previously, Farzan was a lecturer at North South University. Her four-year-old son means the world to her. A diva of beauty and fashion, she loves working in this industry that is constantly evolving. Her end goal is to launch her line of organic skincare products as well as write books on skincare and makeup. Recently, she sat down with Avenue t to discuss Boishakh preparations for the ladies.

What Boishakh offers is NV Cosmetics giving out?

For Boishakh, we will be offering a bundle of Skinwatchers' skincare products at favourable prices. This package will be designed keeping summer skincare needs in mind.

What should be the priority product(s) for skincare in summer?

An oil-based cleanser, toner and sunscreen are must-haves for summer. No matter what your skin type is, an oil-based cleanser for double cleansing is recommended in this weather. The toner will ensure pores are clean and closed, even in the scorching heat of summer. Most importantly, don’t forget to dab on generous amounts of sunscreen before you head out in the sun. Treating your skin weekly using a clay-based facial mask will be very beneficial for oily, combination and normal skin.

How should one approach haircare this season?

Try to protect your hair from the heat and humidity by covering up as much as you can if you are an outdoor person. Shampoo maximum three times a week, if possible. Or go for homemade/natural dry shampoo such as cornstarch mixtures. Once a week, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar diluted with water. This will act as a natural conditioner and help strengthen the roots.

Tell us more about NV Cosmetics’ organic product line.

My organic product line already has three different varieties of honey, pure mustard oil, coconut oil, green tea leaves and onion oil that I make at home. I want to add some more varieties of honey to the assortment and will soon launch some skincare items prepared by myself. This line is my baby and I’m so glad people love the products so much.

What is a trendy hairstyle to wear this Pohela Boishakh? Could you give us a step-by-step guideline for one such do-at-home hairstyle?

This Boishakh, you can go for a Anushka Sharma inspired flower bouquet bun. Put your hair up in a bun (it doesn’t matter what type since you will cover it with flowers). Then decorate the bun with flowers and buds of your choice so it resembles a flower bouquet. You can add some leaves around the bun to give it a wild yet sophisticated look.

To end with, what do you absolutely love about Boishakh?

It’s brilliant to see everyone dressed up and cheerful! Boishakh is probably my favourite festival of all.

Any additional remarks for our readers?

Sure. Try not to wear red lipstick. Instead of red, you can go with a darker shade of nude or dark brown. It will complement your day look for summer.