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Blouse bulletin

  • Published at 07:32 pm April 9th, 2018
Blouse bulletin
If you ever really needed an excuse to break out the saris, Boishakh is definitely it. The beauty of wearing saris is that there are endless ways to accessorize them. Even if you eschew the fancy bling and layers of makeup, you can change up the entire look of the outfit simply by pairing your six yards with an eye-catching blouse. Here are five blouse trends you have to try this season.

Sheer style

If you want to show a little skin but still keep it tasteful, mesh will be your best friend. This season’s hottest blouses are those with mesh detailing that can range from simple tops with see-through shoulders, or full mesh blouses that are layered over a bustier or bralette for some killer glam. You can also get a similar effect from wearing your sari with a normal sleeveless blouse and then throwing a mesh capelet on top.

Shoulder the spotlight

What’s a better way to feel like a fairytale princess than with an off-shoulder outfit? You can bring the same effect into your sari ensemble by pairing it with an off-shoulder blouse. This style would look chic even in its most basic form, but you can play with embellishments to add more pizzazz to the look. Bigger girls, who would prefer the support of straps can still muscle in on the trend by opting for cold-shoulder details instead of a full off-shoulder look.

The fine print

Make a plain sari pop with a printed blouse. A traditional blouse made from printed fabric is a good option, but if you don’t want to commit to a seasonal trend, you can grab one of the many printed crop tops available at Astorion and wear it as a blouse. In fact, fashionistas around town are experimenting with a wide array of t-shirts, tanks, camis and crop-tops as alternatives to the sari blouse.

Tassel trends

The global love affair with fringes and tassles includes saris and blouses as well. Accessorizing your blouse with tassels gives it a wonderfully frou-frou touch; one that can be taken from your lunch dawat to a wedding invite with a swipe of lipstick and an extra bit of sparkle.

Cover girl

  A full-sleeved blouse can be modest without being dowdy, and make an elegant statement too. It’s better to get yours tailor-made instead of reaching for something off the rack (or buying off the net), as fit is everything for this style. The most popular version of the full-sleeved style this season is the embellished nude, which channels a little bit of the turn-of-the-millennium JLo (Waiting for Tonight, anyone?). Wear with a monochrome sari for the best effect. If 2018 has proven anything, the possibilities for customization are endless. Look into your own closet, raid your mom’s, and you’ll be amazed at the items you can come up with to take your sari game to the next level.