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The Delhi expedition

  • Published at 04:22 pm March 1st, 2018
The Delhi expedition
Illustrated by the celebrated cartoonist and graphic artist Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy, the graphic novel series is based on "The Unfinished Memoirs" by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, which the leader of Bangladesh's liberation wrote during his incarceration in the Pakistan period. The first book of the series told the story of the iconic leader's childhood and how he got involved in politics. The second book depicted the Bangabandhu's rise in politics and his growing ties with his political mentor Shaheed Suhrawardy. And the third book in the series illustrates the part of the memoire that relates the post-World War II life of Sheikh Mujib, where he lend a hand to the distressed community living around him and arranged for food for the starving people in his locality. The latest book, 'Delhi Aubhijan' features an exuberant Bangabandhu, a Bengali middle class, principled young politician, who embarks on a journey to Delhi from Kolkata in order to attend the All India Muslim League conference with two companions and hardly any money. The travelling campaign with even emptier pockets rely on Mujib for support. Despite their uncertainty, the characters and events on the pages promise to engage, as their road to Delhi and back back home gets adventurous and sometimes quite dramatic too.
The resemblance between the objective of the whole series and the contents of the fourth instalment has been evident throughout the book
One of the most intriguiging aspects of this series, as the creator of the series Tanmoy also points out, is that it imagines earlier stages of Bangabandhu's life that were never photographed or filmed. The illustration received praises for the first three books, and in 'Mujib 4' Tanmoy continues to draw the novel's famous protagonist in a way that is believeable and acheives the series' declared goal of showing the normal and human sides of the mammoth historical figure. During the inauguration of the book, Radwan Mujib Siddiq, one of the publishers of the series, a trustee of CRI and a grandson of Bangabandhu, said that the latest edition in the series shows “some twists and turns of Bangabandhu’s student life with an aim to inform young readers that Bangabandhu was not born with a golden spoon in mouth.” The resemblance between the objective of the whole series and the contents of the fourth instalment has been evident throughout the book. The presentation of the story will engage the youth and make Bangabandhu, the person more approachable for the young crowd. Apart from the adventures on the train, the book also reconstructs scenes from a heated argument that young Mujib had with his political mentor Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy. The story also works as a pure recounting of history as told by Bangabandhu himself. However, the 26-page length might seem too short for older readers, but admittedly they are not the targetted demographic. Tanmoy was supported in story selection by Siddique Ahmed and Shibu Kumar Shil worked as the editor. The book is published by Radwan Mujib Siddiq and Nasrul Hamid from Centre for Research and Information (CRI). The retail price for the book is Tk150.