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Charming the snake

  • Published at 09:09 pm February 15th, 2018
Charming the snake
There are times in our lives when we make a few decisions which are probably the best ones to make at that point, even though they may hurt a lot. Such decisions tend to have a significant impact in our lives. Break ups are all that and much more. Honestly, there are simply way too many levels to it which you cannot ignore. We live in complex times when it is a real possibility that you have over a dozen of mutual friends with your ex. And this can surely complicate things. Fret not, this is not something out of the ordinary and certainly not anything that is unavoidable. If you can properly prepare yourself for the ordeal, it won’t take a toll on you. Sure, there’ll be a few awkward run-ins, or glares from the current partner accompanying them in public places or events but it won’t kill you. And what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Read on to find out ideas that’ll help you deal with your ex, when you come across them. Mindset To be fair, getting yourself the right mindset will help you win half the battle. Before you start thinking about dealing with your ex, you might want to first move on from a relationship. The golden rule in this case would be to take as long as you need to recuperate. Once you’re past that, dealing with your ex will be a piece of cake. Avoid regularly visited places – for the time being You don’t have to necessarily give up on your favourite food joint or cafe just because you might encounter your ex but if the wounds are fresh, it is understandable why you might want to avoid such places. If the breakup was a nasty one, there’s no need to risk your chances of recreating a scene out of Zee Bangla. Being a “fairly” optimistic person, I’d suggest you to lay low if that’s the case but know that it’ll pass and when it does, you won’t even care if you run into them.
We live in complex times when it is a real possibility that you have over a dozen of mutual friends with your ex. And this can surely complicate things
Social media One thing’s for certain, social media has really stirred things up and added multiple dimensions to what we perceive as relationships. Just like the phenomenon has the power to alter things during a relationship (if you’ve faced it, you know what I’m talking about), it can also be a crucial factor after it ends. No one’s asking you to be best pals with them, especially right after the breakup, but that doesn’t mean you cannot maintain a cordial (or semi-cordial) association with the person if you have way too many mutual friends. Mutual friends Like most breakups, there’ll be friends who’ll take sides. They’ll surely have a part to play in the grand scheme of things but it is never too late to share your side of the story so they are on the same page as you are, and they can act accordingly. One can go on talking about how to deal with exes but it is simply pointless to exert energy in things that are a part of your past. In the end, life is not about breakups. No matter how bad it might have been, there’s no point in dwelling in it. Live and let live.