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A verse for your Valentine

  • Published at 06:57 pm February 11th, 2018
A verse for your Valentine
It's Valentine's Day and you're not too sure how to express your love to the person that makes your heart flutter? You pace to and fro across the room and hope that one of your writer(ish) friends would write you something that will win the heart of the one you desire? Before you dramatically sigh, find a list of compilation of "ideas" that you can put into that special card that goes along with the bunch of gifts that you'll give your loved one.

The realist

“I'd give you the stars, the moon, the universe - but let's be realistic here; all I can offer you is this crummy card and some flowers!” “P S Thank you for the love” “P P S Seriously, thank you”

The Joey Tribbiani

“Love is about giving and receiving and receiving and giving, and from everything we understand that love is a lot of receiving and giving and related to the giving aspects of oneself. And also receiving. Happy Valentine’s Day, you!” (If this works for Joey, it works for me.)

It's not official yet

“Hey I know we're not together or anything, or not that we're dating or anything or that it's love or whatever, but I hope you like this card on the 14th day of February. (But seriously though, it's not a big deal, please don't freak out).”

Fandom love

“I could call you the Lily to my Snape, the Elektra to my Matt Murdock, the Bella to my Edward - but then we'd have to reassess our relationship and have a serious discussion. Instead, I'd like to tell you that you and I are my OTP and I hope our fire never dies.”

Feminist love

“Hey, let's switch gender roles today. Pretty sure you'll do exactly what you usually do and I'll do what I usually do. Let's switch it again. No change? Exactly! I love our relationship dynamics, Valentine!”

Getting emotional now

“For me, you're like the pink sky. You know that rose tinge the sky takes once a while, and you stare at the beauty and you forget if you have ever seen something so beautiful? And then after a while it turns lilac and you fall in love with it a bit more, and you just keep on falling in love with the night sky and all the beauty it beholds.”

Long distance love

“So there’s this pocket of time that I’m dreading the most. This small pocket of time where I’m constantly aware of the last time I’ll be seeing you for a while. I simultaneously want this pocket of time to last forever and end abruptly. Till I get to see you the next time, I'll let that pocket of time be captured in this card, Valentine.”

The nihilist

“You belong to my light, and all the good things that shine through the darkness.”

Valentine card to yourself

“I think everything gets better with finding a song you love, a cold breeze and a good cup of coffee and finding beauty in your own company. Here's to a day where self love surpasses the loneliness.”

You don't really fix in a box

“The light is brighter, the wind is cooler and everything around me is lighter today, that's because I got you babe.”

Nerd love

“I need a cooling tower when I'm around you, this exothermic reaction in me that's sending all these signals in my neurons won't stop.”

The instagrammer

“You're all the a e s t h e t i c I need in my social media, babe.” Whichever message you go for, make sure you make that crummy little card contain something that you'll look back when you're old and gray and have the emotional response of a single teardrop falling down your cheek (and quite possibly remember me, because, well, you did take my "ideas"). Raida A K Reza is a free spirited bohemian lady who likes hugging trees, being an environmental engineer, making jewellery for her jewellery shop, writing and reading about (almost) everything. She also thinks she can change the world, but there’s not enough data to back that hypothesis (yet)