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Grooming the groom

  • Published at 03:47 pm January 22nd, 2018
  • Last updated at 05:26 pm January 22nd, 2018
Grooming the groom
Gentlemen, be thankful you don’t have to go through the same gruelling prep schedule as a bride. It should be stated that you have no room for excuses or complaints. Well, unless you are a control freak or have always wanted to live out your dream of playing Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner. It’s safe to say the latter is far-fetched, yet not impossible. In any case, you have to look your best before the big day or days since we are all Bangladeshi; there’s no such thing as a single day of wedding festivities.

Sanity in check

Gentlemen, let’s not get this twisted, this is only going to happen once in your lifetime. Unless you are filthy rich with commitment issues, do not take this lightly. Give yourself 30 days or a month to really keep your temperament on a balanced level. By no means will your stress level reach that of your bride or the rest of the supporting cast. However, it is important to keep a cool head, business-as-usual approach to the entire process. Everything in life is a process; some things take longer than others. You have got to rein things back and take it one step at a time.

Staying fit

Your fitness level, up until the wedding, is vital. You have been in many other weddings where the newly-weds are on the verge of gaining ridiculous amount of weight because of all the dawats that follow the nuptials. Apart from the food, your figure needs to have the same or similar measurements from the first day to the last. Getting measurements for your custom-made sherwani or bespoke suits is a must. In order to avoid last-minute mishaps with your tailors, it’s important to get your suits made at least a month in advance. With that said, you’ll now have to make sure your body shape doesn’t go haywire until you tie the knot. The moment your hips tease a little wider, your fittings will not gel well with your figure. It will be uncomfortable and unflattering. You’ll want to avoid this like the black plague.

Time to face it

Clean shaven or a trimmed beard, if you are thinking of getting a proper facial, make sure you can squeeze it in a couple of days before the festivities begin. The day before or the day of won’t be too wise of a choice. Alongside your stress levels, there will be other responsibilities to attend to that relate to the festivities. Many men tend to get their haircut and facial all at one sitting. Contrary to popular habits, you’ll actually want to separate the two. Any other day, it’s fine and dandy, but wedding days require a detour in protocol. As for a sharp haircut, you should get to your barber nearly a week before your reception. The reason we want to avoid a day or two before the actual wedding events to forego the image of trying too hard. Your barbers hands might be magic but you want to keep your hairdo as natural as possible. The fine-lines and trims of your hair and beard are suitable for music videos with backup dancers. For this occasion, as handsome as you want to look, the focus should be more on your relaxed demeanour. Nonchalance, gentlemen, while looking smart and sharp is the ideal look.

Little details

Now that your sanity, face, hair and clothes are checked off, your overall presentation can now be taken seriously. The last tid-bits of getting ready for those important dates are quite simple. You’ll be shaking many hands throughout a given event. You could always get a manicure a couple of days before the wedding events. While you’re bride will be the centre of attention, you’ll do plenty of greetings and unnecessary chitchat (formal and informal) so it’s always good to have an inviting breath. The secret here is to actually have something sweet or chocolaty in your mouth before you start speaking on a regular. Chewing or swallowing anything minty has a terrible after affect. It works fine for a short period of time, but the absence of it immediately after will do you no favour. In fact, majority of the time, your breath will stink worse than before. So choose a chewable, yet not messy, chocolate. Think Live Savers’ Crème Savers hard candy. To rid of any stains on your teeth, drink a glass of water and gurgle away. Every detail counts.