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10 makeup dos and don'ts

  • Published at 03:22 pm January 22nd, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:32 pm January 22nd, 2018
10 makeup dos and don'ts
Your big day is here and you want everything done to a T. With a little help from the experts, we're here to make it easier for you with our checklist of makeup dos and don'ts.


1. Do your research to get a clear idea of what complements brown skin tones most. Don't forget to bring references photos of the makeup you want done from the makeup artist. 2. Balance. If you're going for dark smoky eyes, pair it up with a nude lip colour and softly contoured cheeks. If you want the lips to be darker, go easy on the eyes. That being said, play it safe—your experimental fantasies to go bold with blue lipstick can wait. 3. Use a foundation that has a silk finish, instead of a super matte finish. You have to constantly smile, talk to guests and look perfect for photos without creased or cakey foundation getting in the way. 4. Ask your makeup artist to use individual eyelashes to create a fluttery look and make your eyes stand out, instead of going for the regular fake lashes, allied with heavy mascara that will just overshadow your natural eye shape and weigh your lids down. 5. Bespoke makeup artist Amana Rahman suggests that brides should wear a water proof liner and water proof mascara. “Brides do tend to cry and they don't want their mascaras to run down their cheeks leaving behind streaks of black lines all over the face.”


1. Don't go for a foundation colour that's three shades lighter than your skin tone. Having resemblances to Casper the ghost is not cute. Choose a shade that's closest to your natural skin tone. 2. Don't overdo your eye makeup. Avoid too much glitter or neon eyeshadow colours like the plague. There's no need to paint our national flag on your eyelids in bright green and red. Go for something that brings out your beautiful eyes, gracefully outlining them. 3. We all love big lips but don't overdraw them; everyone can tell that they're either fake or stung by a bee. Just outline them with a moisturising lip liner and a matte lip cream. Don't go too glossy or too matte, instead, something more balanced and in between. 4. We love how highlighters add that healthy glow to your cheekbones, making your skin look hydrated. But use it in moderation. Consult your makeup artist to make sure you both are on the same page regarding how much highlighter you want on your face. People shouldn't go blind every time a flash is pointed at your face. 5. You can get as fancy as you want with the hairdos—side buns, braids, twists, curls, waves, so on and so forth. But we strongly recommend to steer clear of overdramatic teased hair. If your hair takes up half the frame of the picture, you're doing it wrong.