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Prep by the weeks

  • Published at 05:10 pm January 20th, 2018
Prep by the weeks
Any beautifying action is not to be taken lightly. Looking good on your big day is of utmost importance, but making sure you do it all with a smile and tame that inner Bridezilla, which will inevitably come out, is equally crucial. Plan ahead to set everything in motion.

6 months before:

Book your stylist

Take it from someone who has had her share of disappointments due to her favourite stylist being fully booked months ahead—you really need to take care of this as early as possible. Make sure the person you are doing your makeup from, also has a good sidekick to do your hair, otherwise running to two different stylists on your big day will be a real pain in the derriere. Also finalising the colour scheme and your makeup preferences with your stylist would be wise to avoid any surprises on your wedding day. Show your stylist a few reference photos of the kind of makeup and hairstyle you want.

3 months before:

Start getting into shape

This will take time to yield results and you may as well start early. If you're self-disciplined enough to stick to a fitness routine—whether it's aerobics, pilates, zumba or yoga—kudos to you; this will be hella easier for you. Just download a few fitness videos from YouTube and grab an exercise mat to get started. For others, we recommend finding a good trainer and enrolling in a fitness class.

2 months before:

Dermatologist appointment

If you have any skin issues, this is a good time to address them. New skin cell turnover takes about 28 days, so you get a second shot at beautiful skin, if you miss the first one. Acne, sunburns, pigmentation—anything you may be suffering from can be treated during this time. Also, invest in some good high-end skincare products and slowly build up a night time skin care regimen, if you already haven't.

1 month before:

Hair colour

Now is a good time for you and your colourist to sit down and plan it out. Decide on the hair colour you want to go for, and get it coloured at least four weeks before your wedding day. Make sure to touch it up a week before the wedding as well to retain that shine.

1 week before:


Haircuts can be tricky—you'd want to avoid split ends from making an appearance or freshly-cut sharp fringes poking into your eyelids as you sit on your wedding stage looking like a try-hard. Time it right, at least a week before your big day. This gives your hair time to relax and you a chance to make last minute adjustments, if there are any oopsie-daisies. Consult your hairstylist and show them photos of the kind of cuts you want. Don't go for anything drastic—this is not the time to get experimental. Go for something graceful, flattering and safe.

Touch ups

Now is a good time to touch up on your hair colour.

Teeth whitening

Get it done from a professional.

5 days before:


Do a deep conditioning treatment for softer, luscious tresses.


Your last facial should be scheduled around this time.

3 days before:

Waxing, threading, plucking

Take care of your peach fuzz, eye brows, arms, underarms, legs, etc, at least two to three days before your wedding. If you have sensitive skin that takes time to adjust after a wax or thread, you may consider getting it done at least a week before.

1 day before:


Book your appointments at the spa for a relaxing head and body massage. We actually recommend a full body scrub treatment to get rid of those dead skin cells.


Get those nails cleaned, clipped and filed, and paint them in a nice bright shade of red, magenta or nude. Here's to your big day, it's yours, you've planned and worked hard for it for months. Put your best face forward and if a thing or two get in the way, let it slide with a smile. Starting from today, you're going to spend the rest of your life with the person you care about most, and that's all that matters. Photo: Zia Uddin Makeup artist: Nazrul Makeover Model: Tamanna Haque Borna