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All about winter sports

  • Published at 08:28 pm January 11th, 2018
All about winter sports


Playing badminton in the open air on cool winter evenings has become an integral part of our lives. This sport is hardly played throughout the year, but all of a sudden, as winter approaches, it is a common scenario to see people of all ages with rackets in their hands, setting up makeshift courts in their backyards, rooftops, garages, and even alleyways, in almost every neighbourhood. With the growing population in Dhaka, open fields and parks that were used for sports rarely exist anymore – but one of the best things about badminton is that it does not require much space. So as the night approaches and the fog slowly pours in, children, teenagers and adults can be seen in almost every alley or rooftop, arranging nets and lighting, marking out courts with chalk, all ready to play badminton.


Winter has become quite popular among youngsters in the country these days as the indoor soccer season. More commonly known as futsal, winter seems to be the best time to play this sport as it doesn't necessarily require much space and can be played indoors on a basketball style court. Hence, for those of you love football but find it hard to play the sport outside in this bitter cold, indoor soccer can be a great option. A number of sporting clubs in Dhaka offer facilities for children and youngsters to play futsal. One of them is Abahani Limited in Dhanmondi, which has one of the biggest local fields for cricket, football, an indoor cricket pitch and an open basketball ground.


Basketball as a sport, is played all the year round. Outdoor courts are used in summer, but that does not mean you can't go out and shoot a few baskets during winter as well. You could use your garage to your advantage in this case – get a mini hoop and practice all you want. You could also get a mini hoop for your room and a small ball so that you can enjoy playing this sport without having to set foot outside in this bitter cold. The indoor basketball court at Abahani in Dhanmondi can also be a great option for you if you really don't want to miss out playing basketball in winter.


Spend your cold winter evenings the old fashioned way, playing classic board games like monopoly, scrabble, ludo or chess. It can also be a good way to spend quality time with family, as playing board games requires family members to sit down and interact with each other, which is increasingly important in a world where we spend much of our time in separate rooms. Also, no more worries regarding the chilly weather when you are at home. These aren't the only sports that can be played during winter though. Table tennis, cycling or swimming can also prove to be quite good options for this season. Traditional sports like kite-flying and boat races are also common in out-of-town areas in winter.