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The fall out

  • Published at 04:02 pm November 13th, 2017
The fall out
The warmer months of the year can be quite taxing, making a weekend getaway much more tempting. But of course, this is the city of Dhaka, and we feel like getting away five days of the week. Every week. In other words, gradually moving into the winter months isn’t going to change how we approach every weekend, except for our wardrobe that is. So what do you need to check off on your stylish list of a weekend getaway? The following should be noted.

The whole package

You can’t go anywhere without having the appropriate luggage for the trip. A classic duffle bag with significant details is your best choice. You could splurge for a European brand or keep in touch with your roots and get yourself a MIB Spirit duffle bag that gets the job done. Whatever your taste, this will do just fine for a couple of days away from all the chaos.

Button up that denim

This will be an autumn and winter staple. A denim or jean jacket, preferably with a shearling-lined or vintage fleece collar, is going to be an outer layer you’ll frequently reach out for. Take a trip to your nearest Noir for this beauty, placing it wonderfully over a lighter layer underneath.

Mr French

A French mariner sweater is usually a year-round essential for folks up higher north of the hemisphere. For us, it’s a sophisticated item to show off during special occasions. A darker, perhaps navy, mariner sweater goes swimmingly well with relaxed blue jeans or go bold with all-white trousers. The latter actually makes for an appropriate look for the weekend rendezvous.

No stress on the distressed

While we recommend you avoid wearing skinny jeans altogether, because we know some of you simply can’t let it go, the short little break from the busy week requires a more sturdy, and dare we say manly, style of distressed blue jeans. You’ll have the comfort, especially around the thighs, and the tapered ankles won’t let you fall too deep into the casual department. Slim-fit denim is your ideal choice, but regular fit will still do a solid job.

These boots are made for walking

You really didn’t think we’d skip out on a fresh pair of boots did you? You can’t have any autumn/winter essentials list without boots. No matter the brand, the suede Chelsea boots should be top priority. However, any pair of suede boots of quality, with minimalist design will successfully sum up your sweater weather look.

Sleep with them

Gentlemen, gone will be the days of no-show socks for a few months. This time around, as important as everything else in the wardrobe, you’ll want to invest in some warm and comfy socks that you’ll want to sleep in. Whether you’ll be doing plenty of walking or simply sitting your tired tush down, keeping your feet comfortable and warm is of the utmost importance.

Knitted all round

Since we’re keeping things warm and snug, a wool weave cardigan (also found at Noir) is also a weekend staple of the season. You’ll find plenty of variety of designs and cuts of cardigans off the rack so you’ll never feel yourself limited to a certain lot. A cable knit cardigan, on the other hand, will also boost your style quotient to another level. You want class and comfort? Look no further.