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The right combo

  • Published at 05:22 pm November 6th, 2017
  • Last updated at 06:13 pm November 6th, 2017
The right combo
As fashion’s technology advances and the safer, eco-friendly ways of designers presenting their collections, there are new ways to match your bottoms with the shoe collection you have at home. Sometimes, many of you will try to figure out which pair of shoes are the correct ones to wear with your chosen bottoms.


The first thing that pops into one’s head is the Ivy League vibes from a fresh and folded pair of chinos. Sure it has preppy flavours, but it doesn’t mean you have to have your entire outfit look stiff or stuck-up. The more likely choice for chinos would be penny loafers. If it’s during the warmer months, you’ll lean towards the boat shoes. No matter the season, the evening could require you to slip your feet into some velvet slippers, keeping that sophisticated casual look intact.  

Joggers or sweats

The biggest concern, and easy mistake to make, is falling into a too casual mode if you match up your sweats with loafers or espadrilles. There’s a very fine line between looking too relaxed and just casual enough to carry on a classier look with fitted joggers. The best choice for these fitted and fashion-forward sweats would be with your most futuristic sneakers. To give a throwback feel to your look, á la Wu-Tang Clan, strap on a pair of desert boots.


Here is a slightly more versatile item to work with. You’ve got your gentlemen swagger in some suit trousers, which require a fantastic pair of brogues or derby shoes. That would be the ideal choice when dealing with an entire suit. But if you want to tone things down a little with separate tailored trousers, aim for more minimalist sneakers. These specific sneakers should be more about design and comfort, rather than durability and athletic functionality. If you’re feeling a little extra suave, wear some Chelsea boots or traditional lace-up boots that only reach your ankles.


Look, we know there are many out there sporting the most expensive and plain looking sneakers with their somewhat casual suits. But we’re talking about strictly formal approach with suits this time around. We’re talking about not bending the rules on this occasion. Whether you are at a formal or semi-formal event, a shiny pair of cap-toe oxfords is the perfect option. You can even opt for those Chelsea or slick city boots mentioned earlier.


Sneakers - the minimalist kind. You will never go wrong with that first and very easy option. With many different fits and washes, jeans are ridiculously versatile. Casual or semi-formal, jeans always go well with Chelsea boots and derby shoes. While the former is more flattering, the latter goes well with the right pair of jeans. Dressy jeans have the same affect, which gives you the opportunity to tie up those cap-toe oxfords. Slim-fit, tapered jeans become a fantastic substitute for suit trousers, so strapping on your oxfords will only enhance your look.