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Five mocktails you have to try at Chows

  • Published at 07:16 pm August 27th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:37 pm September 25th, 2017
Five mocktails you have to try at Chows

Beijing Black

A twist on the berry lover’s drink. It stars a generous portion of tart and sweet blackberry, with a hint of citrus with fresh orange juice and a dash of spice with a sprinkling of cinnamon. You’ll be sure to lose yourself in an orchard of flavours with this take on a classic smoothie.

Ming Mary

There is always one person at the table who loves all things spicy. The Ming Mary is an Asian inspiration on the distinct Bloody Mary. With notes of tomatoes, Tabasco, horseradish, and lime, the chef adds some Chinese spices to bring the best of Asian fusion into an NYC original. You can also leave your guilt behind as you’re technically getting your daily veggie servings from this drink. 12604809_1029480223780098_5033116629932180797_o

Ginling Fizz

For soda lovers, nothing quite cuts it like the tingle of fizz on their lips and the refreshing sigh after every bubbly sip. The Ginling Fizz is a combination of ginger ale, combined with a medley of spice and citrus. The fresh lime and ginger takes your favourite soda and gives it an adult spin that will have you wondering why you didn't have soda like this during your younger years.

Caramel Espressotini

Only caffeine lovers will understand that espressos are a daily necessity to kick start any conversation. For buffs of the brew, the Caramel Espressotini starts with espresso made from the finest freshly grounded beans. Chows then takes the strong concoction and adds the uniquely sweet, indulgent dulce de leche. You’ll fall in love with this dessert take on your caffeine fix.