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Winter essentials

  • Published at 12:04 am December 16th, 2016
  • Last updated at 01:15 am December 16th, 2016
Winter essentials
A proper wardrobe should be an arsenal of pure style. And to execute with accurate measure, each of these items should be in your winter wardrobe. Right this down, and check away.

Classic staple

A solid navy suit is one of the classiest tailored suits you can have in your closet. The reason for this winner is quite simple: it’s versatile and sophisticated. The navy suit, preferably bespoke, can be used both in the office and semi-formal events all in one day. It’s not as serious as wearing a black suit and not too light-hearted as a grey one. It falls wonderfully in the middle. And last but not least, any man of any skin colour will look great in it.

The shirt not the shoes

Oxfords are usually referred to lace-up dress shoes that go with pretty much any suit. However, the Oxford we’re checking off this list is the white Oxford, button up shirt. The white Oxford is yet another staple in the closet that should be around all year. It’s also one of the hardest working items according to most style enthusiasts. Again, it’s useful for both the office and in a relaxed manner for the weekend.

The holdall or tote

Clothes by themselves are fine, but levelling up requires must-have accessories like a haul-all tote bag. Take the quality choices from Made In Bangladesh for example. It’s not all about style; there’s proper craftsmanship and more importantly, it’s functional. The prices might make you flinch, but you can never compromise on a bag that holds are your important belongings. No matter the brand or make, make sure you invest in a quality holdall.

In your hood

No matter how old you are, or where you work, the hoodie will always remain in an autumn/winter closet essential. Nowadays, it’s all about mixing the vintage with modern, slim-fit cuts. Once again, it’s not just about looking good. Having, what looks like a tailored hoodie, keeps the warmer fabrics closer to your skin. So dealing with chilly or high winds won’t be too big of an issue.

Off to the derby

Black Derbies are another one of those versatile players coming off the bench. Here is a dress shoe that can easily make that transition from smart casual to semi-formalwear. You have your choice from suede to standard leather, just make sure you take extra care of these shoes since you’ll want to make frequent trips to certain occasions with this pair.

Slip into ease

Onto the more casual side of the spectrum, the best slip-on sneakers around are the Vans classic checkerboard variety. Now, we’re not saying get these exact same pairs. Nothing beats the original slip-ons, but shoes of its ilk are the best kinds to kick around when you’re out and about in the more casual nature. No matter which popular brand you’ll want to visit, there will be a similar style of shoes just waiting to be bagged.

Fade to black

We really don’t tend to think of the colour black on our jeans. Well, this season, a slim-fit pair of black jeans (jet black if possible) is the hot number in the denim department. It’s become the new neutral jeans that go best with your fresh hoodie or tailored navy jacket. Think noir; think cool being done by the French.

Rep your crew

V-necks and cardigans are perfectly fine, but even better is a crewneck sweater that comes in an uncommon colour. You might want to try a rich brown or even a solid burgundy with nothing but clean details all over. The fabric itself, as warm as it may be, will bring out the richness we’re aiming for in the winter months. Like the tote, this is another item you shouldn’t shy away from splashing some cash on. This is a definite worthwhile knitwear you shouldn’t pass on.