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Reviving Kinsfolk

  • Published at 05:45 pm October 9th, 2016
Reviving Kinsfolk


This week, Youth Society of Bangladesh (YSB), a youth organisation formed this year, organised a two day exhibition titled “Reviving Kinsfolk” to raise awareness against child abuse, child labour, underage drug addiction and child marriage.

The event showcased photography by students and amateur photographers at Drik Gallery, on October 3 and 4, 2016. The event was open to the general public from 3pm to 8pm.

Pathshala Broadcast and Multimedia and Radio Shadhin 92.4FM were partners in this awareness programme.


“Our society is haunted by social issues such as child abuse, child labour, underage drug addiction and child marriage even today. We believe that it is very important to put an effort in overcoming these issues in order to build a country. Hence, YSB foundation is organising this photo exhibition, to address these social issues and raise awareness,” a press note from YSB read.

The YSB is a non-profit organization working with the objectives of motivating and mobilising the youth for social causes.

“We strongly believe that, to build Bangladesh, the youth must play a key role in social development and create a change in society,” the press release stated.

“So far, we have organised four events,” said Ahnaf Shahriar Khan, one of the founding members of YSB. “In our first event, we raised funds and bought new clothes for 450 people in the last Eid ul Fitr. Our second event was also during Ramadan, where we fed about 150 people.”

“In our third event called “hygiene and hydrate”, we raised awareness about general hygiene and explained to people in plain language why basic hygiene maintenance is important and what are some of the ways to achieve it,” he added.

They also talked to rickshaw pullers about the importance of hydration and distributed bottled mineral water. The fourth event was named "One day many smiles", where the officials and volunteers of YSB spent some time at a number of orphanages in Dhaka with the intention of developing a relationship with the orphans.

The photographs focused on children in many different settings, and many of the photos were in black and white. The photos captured activities of underprivileged children and children living in poverty, reflecting the themes of the exhibition, such as children working as labourers, a child smoking a cigarette, children bathing etc.

Pathshala Broadcast and Multimedia also provided five short films, all on the themes of sexual harassment, rape, drug addiction and child marriage.

One short film on the subject of rape depicted how a teenage school going girl decided to commit suicide. The film is set when the girl is writing a suicide note explaining her agony and total isolation. The flashbacks show how seemingly harmless “teaching” on her way to school slowly took shape into physical attack and raping.

Comprising mostly of A level students, YSB is truly youthful in its structure and vision. Hoping to organise more and bigger events in the future, YSB promises to become a new humanitarian youth platform in the near future.