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  • Published at 03:10 pm September 3rd, 2016
  • Last updated at 09:22 pm September 3rd, 2016


Mohammad Shafiqul Islam

You’re eructing after a sumptuous feast

Garbage is close to the road by the slum

Polythene bags filled with leftovers leave

Us at the hands of city stench and trashes

Yet street children, stray dogs, city crows

Survive on odds and ends in the dustbin

A sib roams around the city for three days

Still without food, she waits with a hope

A dead body lies in the drain, none looks

The crow wonders if it’ll take a morsel

Lost faith

S M Shahrukh

Bright days, hot nights

the moon playing hide and seek

behind dark clouds getting darker;

engulfing my town, my country,

the inner sanctum of my being.


That elusive cradle where I wish to shelter

has long since closed its loving embrace

has become the clutched fingers of

the assassins in the dark.

They move with their darkness in the bright sun

the glimmering blades, honed edges

the gun barrel cold steel, for now.

I look for the mercy of the heavens

but that high seat has long been usurped.

It is time for the evil and terror to reign supreme

in a world devoid of His mercy

in a world where people cower in fear

with terror in their eyes

silvery tears turned red

mixed with the blood of the slain.

People search deep in their hearts for

You, the merciful, the omnipotent

but they wander devoid of Your bliss

and I join in a funeral procession

carrying a coffin with faith firmly tucked within it.

[This poem was written after the attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Gulshan, Dhaka on July 1]

The difference

Syeda Samira Sadeque

You saw body parts moving,

I saw art.

You saw body clothes moving,

I saw colour.

And it was this difference between your right-angle and my left-angle of Seeing.

It was a hairline fracture, really,

The difference.

A but-crack, a split nail.

But it was Enough.

It is destructive how we let others define our insides.

Because You, You are tucked in a corner of my brain firing neurons

Deciding how I should judge.

Because You, You are the space in a corner of my head that I actually need in the shape of an


Because I, I need to see the art, feel the colours.

Not merely see body parts moving.