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Minister: More than a million workers went overseas last year

  • Published at 08:24 pm January 15th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:33 pm January 15th, 2018
Minister: More than a million workers went overseas last year
Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Nurul Islam BSc on Monday said Bangladesh has set a new record in manpower export by sending more than one million workers in 2017. “The number of migrant workers to different countries including mideast is increasing day by day due to sincere diplomatic efforts as well as labour friendly intensive monitor by the government,” he said while responding to a starred question made by treasury bench lawmaker Nurunnabi Chowdhury of Bhola-3 in the parliament. Bangladesh has been sending workers to 165 countries in the world and around 10,08,525 workers have already gone to different countries in 2017, said the minister. In the last nine years till December 2017, he said a total of 51,98,914 Bangladeshi migrant workers had received employment in different countries. Apart from this, the government has revised the migration cost for 16 countries. Nurul Islam said the government was sending women workers to Saudi Arabia with zero migration cost while the male workers’ migration cost was set at maximum Tk1,65,000. Also, Tk2,62,270 has been fixed as the maximum migration cost for workers to go to Singapore through recruiting agencies. The minister added that the migration cost for Malaysia has been set Tk1,60,000, Tk1,45,780 for Libya, Tk97,780 for Bahrain, Tk1,07,780 for United Arab Emirates, Tk1,06,780 for Kuwait, Tk1,00780 for Oman, Tk1,29,540 for Iraq, Tk1,00780 for Qatar, Tk1,02,780 for Jordan, and Tk1,20,780 for Egypt. He also told the House that Tk1,66,640 has been set for Russia, Tk1,15,780 for the Maldives, Tk1,20,780 for Brunei and Tk 1,17,780 for Lebanon.