• Thursday, Feb 27, 2020
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In pictures: Excitement, as mustard flower honey season begins

  • Published at 11:07 pm January 21st, 2020

The onset of the Bengali month of Magh entails the end of the winter season. It is during this time that honey collectors all around the country begin the harvest process.

The honey extracted from mustard flowers, in particular, is a natural antibiotic, which keeps it in great demand among pharmaceutical companies and other buyers. Md Pavel Hossain, who manages Moti and Sons, established by his grandfather in 1962, attests that the honey collected from mustard flowers is in fact, tastier than other varieties. The honey collection process at his farm in Shatgaon village under Srinagar thana, Munshiganj is usually carried out between December and February.

Over the past few years, this particular variety has garnered interest from many entrepreneurs and, with a bit of government assistance, this industry can be developed further.