• Saturday, Dec 07, 2019
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Tiger Victims of Sundarbans

  • Published at 08:05 pm November 28th, 2019

Villagers who depend on the Sundarbans for their livelihood are often victims of tiger attacks. Honey collectors (moals) and fishermen perform 'Bonbibi' Puja before embarking on their journey in the forest, for protection from tigers. Moals usually follow honey bees ­‑ looking up at the sky ‑ to find the beehives and are usually caught by tigers unaware. Even fishermen are not spared as tigers are strong swimmers. From 2001 to 2018, around 35 people were killed by tigers, as per government data. However, locals and unofficial reports of deaths are higher. Then there are survivors who struggle with tigers to free themselves from the clutches of their jaws. The widows of those who lost their lives to tigers are known as 'tiger widows.'