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In pictures: Padma Beel, Habiganj’s latest site for sore eyes

  • Published at 02:16 pm September 26th, 2018

Hundreds of visitors from across the region are enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the lotuses blooming in the wetlands everyday

Habiganj’s waterbodies are like no other. Miles after miles of wetlands interspersed with islands have made the area a top tourist destination. The haors, in particular, are an exceptionally outstanding aspect.

Recently, a natural water body covered withinnumerable lotuses has been discovered in the Murarabda wetlands in Habiganj.

Thediscovery – appropriately named Padma Beel – is drawing the attention of many visitors, including students from various local schools and colleges on a regular basis. Visitors are captivated by the stunning sight of hundreds of blooming lotus flowers.

Barely containing her excitement, Tanzina Khan Sonnet, a student at the HabiganjBrindaban Government School said: “I learned about Padma Beel from a Facebook post, but seeing it with my own eyes makes this trip worthwhile. The beauty of these lotuses cannot be expressed in words. You need to see this natural beauty it to believe it.”

Raisa Rajrani,a visitor who travelled to the wetlands by a boat, said: “Taking a boat to Padma Beel was an exciting way to enjoy the nature with my family. The combination of beautiful environment and blooming lotuses made the journey even more memorable.”

Another visitor,MojnuMiya,said: “Unfortunately, many tourists pluck lotuses while visiting the wetlands. As a result, this place is losing its luster. The government should take necessary measures to conserve Padma Beel as a natural conservationarea.”

Anwar Hossain, the local union parishad chairman,said: “recently visited the wetlands, and has assured the district and upazila administration that necessary steps will be taken to preserve the Padma Beel.”

Habiganj Deputy Commissioner Mahmudul Kabir Murad visited the area and remarked that the district administration is taking necessary measures to conserve the Padma Beel.