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In pictures: Road conditions in Dhaka post road safety movement

  • Published at 04:18 pm September 11th, 2018

Aftermath of the road safety movement reflected on the traffic conditions of Dhaka 

Incensed by the deaths of two high school students who were struck by a bus in Dhaka, a series of public protests advocating improved road safety were held from July 29 to August 8 across Bangladesh. The protests garnered widespread support from international organizations and high-profile figures.

Students held nationwide protests for safer roads – enforcing traffic laws, checking licences and papers, and forcing motorcycle riders to wear helmets. Cases were filed against thousands of drivers during and shortly after the protests.

Protesting students vacated the streets and returned to their classrooms due to panic and pressure from authorities of educational institutes. After the inevitable end of the protests, eventually the topic of road safety stopped trending on social media as well.

Over a month after the road safety movement, the state of traffic in Dhaka has not changed beyond recognition, but the authorities have taken initiative to improve the overall condition.