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Harmful metals found in jorda, gul and khoir

  • Published at 05:25 pm October 31st, 2019
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Metals, lead, cadmium and chromium were found during tests

Harmful metals including lead, cadmium, and chromium have been detected in chewing tobacco (jorda), gul, and catechu (khoir) available in Dhaka's markets, raising serious health concerns.

Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) Chairman Sayeda Sarwar Jahan unveiled the information at a press conference at BFSA auditorium yesterday.

“It is very harmful for people who consume jorda, gul, and khoir,” she said.

She also confirmed that lead, cadmium, and chromium were found in several branded items of these products available in the market.

Huge quantity of lead was found in khoir, while cadmium and chromium in jorda and gul, she said adding that Khoir is made by mixing artificial colours, and those are non- organic items.

Saying that the authorities have no control over the market, Mahbub Kabir Milon, additional secretary of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority, said that it has no documents about who produce such products, even most of these brands do not have their factories mentioned on their goods.

“These products are made locally,” he added. 

Brands found in the market that are sold nationwide:

Jorda: Hakimpur Jorda, Hokimpur Jorda, Ratan Jorda, Gurudeb Jorda, Shahjadi Jorda, Mohiduddin Jorda, Dhaka Jorda, Mokimpur Jorda, Shahi Hira Jorda, Jafrani Jorda, Bou Shahajadi Jorda, and Chandpuri Jorda

Gul: Eagle Gul, Mostafa Gul, Shahjada Gul, and Ratan Gul

Khoir: Sada Balk Khoir, Gil Khoir, Teer Marka Khoir, Malai Khoir, Antara Khoir, and Kalo Pathor Bolk Khoir।