• Thursday, Jul 19, 2018
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Canada for fact gathering on Rohingya...

Bangladesh , Foreign Affairs

Mon, Jul 9 2018

Special Envoy Bob Rae says the Rohingya crisis is too much for Bangladesh to deal with the burden...

Bring them to court

Tribune Editorial

Thu, May 31 2018

Bangladesh must take this case to the ICC so that the world can clearly see what Myanmar has done

The moment of truth

Opinion , Editorial

Sun, Apr 29 2018

Will the UNSC do the right thing?

The ones who survived

Rais Bhuiyan

Sat, Mar 17 2018

A 9/11 hate crime survivor meets Rohingya refugees.

A culture of abuse

Opinion , Editorial

Mon, Jan 22 2018

Why is it that the public has to show the police where to look for such violence?

Take Myanmar to task

Opinion , Editorial

Thu, Dec 14 2017

The magnitude of destruction wreaked by the Myanmar army is appalling

Villains of circumstance

Rubaiyat Kabir , Rubaiyat Kabir

Wed, Aug 30 2017

By doing nothing, the world risks turning the Rohingya situation into something much worse

‘We have lost everything’: A resistance...

Bangladesh , South Asia

Tue, Aug 29 2017

The sound of gunfire floats across the Naf river as desperate men, women and children with bullet wounds...

Time to get tough on Myanmar 

Opinion , Editorial

Thu, Mar 30 2017

We need to let Myanmar know that, unless it respects the basic human rights of its own people, there...

Minorities in the neighbourhood

Umran Chowdhury

Tue, Mar 14 2017

A response from Bangladesh on the plight of minorities is imperative

Under the open sky

Opinion , Longform

Thu, Jan 5 2017

The curtains closed on a devastating year with the normalisation of Santal cleansing. Violence against...

Police block Islami Andolan's long march...

Bangladesh , Politics

Sun, Dec 18 2016

Police have foiled a long march move of Islami Andolan Bangladesh (IAB) to Myanmar protesting the ongoing...

BGB sends back 116 Rohingyas

Bangladesh , Foreign Affairs

Tue, Dec 13 2016

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) members have sent back 116 Rohingyas who were trying to enter Bangladesh...

When a film is seen as the enemy

Ghazala Scheik Akbar

Thu, Oct 20 2016

The classic film Jago Hua Savera is the latest victim of Indo-Pak tensions