• Sunday, Jul 22, 2018
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The town that doesn't vote: Pakistan's...

South Asia

Sat, Jul 21 2018

Last year, a row over proposed changes to the election law that would have eased some of the barriers...

Muslim man beaten to death in India...

South Asia

Sat, Jul 21 2018

Police said they took the badly beaten victim to a nearby hospital, but he was declared dead

Pakistan’s Muslim solidarity

Azeem Ibrahim

Thu, Jul 19 2018

On the issue of China’s Uighur people, all are silent

Sri Lankan Islamic centre condemns ban...

South Asia

Thu, Jul 12 2018

Campaigners against khatna - which is performed on young girls - say it can cause psychological, sexual...

The travel ban stays


Fri, Jun 29 2018

The US Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision is but a sample of the country’s divide

IS has not been eradicated

Azeem Ibrahim

Sat, Jun 23 2018

Pakistan is now a volatile cocktail of tribalism, sectarianism, and Islamism

Putting lives in danger

Anik Kabir

Tue, Jun 19 2018

An Amnesty report that points fingers at ARSA could do more harm than good

Respecting each other

Arpeeta Shams Mizan

Thu, Jun 14 2018

Ramadan is about restraint and charity, not judging the practices of others

Ramadan Meditations: Mental

Shireen Phasha

Tue, Jun 12 2018

Kindness can be taught

Trump hosts first iftar dinner at White...

North America

Thu, Jun 7 2018

Iftar dinners have been a regular feature on the White House calendar

Afghanistan announces ceasefire with...

South Asia

Thu, Jun 7 2018

There was no immediate reaction from the Taliban

Beauty and love inspired by the

Shireen Phasha

Thu, Jun 7 2018

For 1,400 years, the Qur’an has inspired a vast spectrum of creativity

Ramadan Meditations: The totality of...

Shireen Phasha

Sat, Jun 2 2018

These verses highlight the nature of Allah

Denmark bans burqa, niqab


Thu, May 31 2018

Fines will range from 1,000 Danish crowns for a first offence to 10,000 crowns for the fourth

'Hero' Sikh police officer receives...

South Asia

Wed, May 30 2018

An Indian police officer hailed as a hero for protecting a Muslim man from being lynched by a mob has...

A divine game of love

Shireen Pasha

Wed, May 30 2018

In every choice we make, we exercise our consciousness

Saudi activists' arrest revives concerns...

Middle East

Mon, May 28 2018

Following the latest arrests, diplomats in Riyadh have begun questioning how serious the kingdom is about...

Sikh police officer who saved Muslim...

South Asia

Sun, May 27 2018

A video shot by a person present on the scene has spread quickly on social media, earning praise for...

To be a better person

Sher A Naser Khan

Fri, May 25 2018

Can our politicians learn the true value of Ramadan? 

God has a foreign policy

Syed Badrul Ahsan

Thu, May 24 2018

Nonsense grounded on bigotry is a story that has been hurled in our faces for years now

How Old Dhaka wakes up on a Ramadan...

Aiman R Khan

Tue, May 22 2018

The unique sound of Ramadan