UNRC Lewis: A wonderful visit today with the Hindu community in Dhaka

Her visit focuses on bringing harmony and peace among the religious groups in Bangladesh

UN Resident Coordinator in Bangladesh Gwyn Lewis on Sunday visited Dhakeshwari Temple in Dhaka to highlight the importance of "cultural diversity and harmony, and the hope of "peaceful" Puja celebrations this year.

She was joined by Unesco officer-in-charge, Dr Susan Vize, and UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Van Nguyen.

"A wonderful visit today (September 25) with the Hindu community in Dhaka. A huge thank you for your hospitality and allowing colleagues from Unesco, UNDP and me to visit Dhakeshwari Temple. Wishing you peace and solidarity everyday including during Durga Puja," the UNRC tweeted.

The Durga Puja festival celebrations will begin in October, and the visit was an opportunity to meet with religious groups to better understand the significance of this important celebration, said the UN office in Dhaka on Sunday.

The United Nations in Bangladesh works to promote empathy and inclusion in the spirit of Agenda 2030’s promise to Leave No One Behind.

Last year’s Durga Puja was "unfortunately marred by violence", said the UN office.

After being welcomed and greeted by the temple’s officials, Lewis had the opportunity to discuss with representatives of Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad (BPUP) and prominent members of the Hindu community before being guided through the Temple and its neighborhood where people from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds cohabit peacefully. 

She visited the temple in continuation of UN Bangladesh’s commemoration of International Day of Peace (21st September).